Cars and Coffee Austin TX 02/08/2015

This pass Sunday I went to the Cars and Coffee meetup at the Oasis. I saw a lot of new cars that I didn’t saw last time I was there.

One thing that was missing this time I went was the mobile dyno, I always liked to stand by it and hear the cars roar and at the same time envy each one of them that has more HP than my 240SX (which happens to be the majority of the cars there hahaha).

It’s going to be a long post.

Cars_and_coffee-2-17 Cars_and_coffee-2-18 Cars_and_coffee-2-19 Cars_and_coffee-2-20 Cars_and_coffee-2-21 Cars_and_coffee-2-22 Cars_and_coffee-2-23 Cars_and_coffee-2-24 Cars_and_coffee-2-25 Cars_and_coffee-2-26 Cars_and_coffee-1 Cars_and_coffee-1-2 Cars_and_coffee-1-3 Cars_and_coffee-1-4 Cars_and_coffee-1-5 Cars_and_coffee-1-6 Cars_and_coffee-1-7 Cars_and_coffee-1-8 Cars_and_coffee-1-9 Cars_and_coffee-1-10 Cars_and_coffee-1-11 Cars_and_coffee-1-12 Cars_and_coffee-1-13 Cars_and_coffee-1-14 Cars_and_coffee-1-15 Cars_and_coffee-1-16 Cars_and_coffee-1-17 Cars_and_coffee-1-18 Cars_and_coffee-1-19 Cars_and_coffee-1-20 Cars_and_coffee-1-21 Cars_and_coffee-1-22 Cars_and_coffee-1-23 Cars_and_coffee-1-24 Cars_and_coffee-1-25 Cars_and_coffee-1-26 Cars_and_coffee-1-27 Cars_and_coffee-1-28 Cars_and_coffee-1-29 Cars_and_coffee-1-30 Cars_and_coffee-2 Cars_and_coffee-2-2 Cars_and_coffee-2-3 Cars_and_coffee-2-4 Cars_and_coffee-2-5 Cars_and_coffee-2-6 Cars_and_coffee-2-7 Cars_and_coffee-2-8 Cars_and_coffee-2-9 Cars_and_coffee-2-10 Cars_and_coffee-2-11 Cars_and_coffee-2-12 Cars_and_coffee-2-13 Cars_and_coffee-2-14 Cars_and_coffee-2-15 Cars_and_coffee-2-16Thanks for looking.

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