HotWheels: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Woke up to a beautiful Monday morning, I then hopped on my motorcycle and headed towards Walmart. When I arrived there I decided to go to the HotWheels section, now this particular Walmart sucks when it comes to restocking HotWheels (always old stock).

But today was different, there was a whole dump box full of the 50th Anniversary Camaro sets. Now, I’m wasn’t that interested in the set to be actively hunting for them, but I still decided to check how the casting looked in person.

I personally think that all of them are kinda meh, yet I still grabbed a couple of them, 2 ’67 Camaro (the hardest one’s to find as per Reddit), 1 Iroc-Z and a ’95 Camaro.

Out of the today’s haul, I’m going to be highlighting the ’67 Camaro.

One thing to notice about this particular casting is that it’s a metal on metal cast (metal body and metal base) and that the hood opens. The rest of the series uses a plastic base.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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