Random Photography: Pennybacker Bridge, Austin TX

Since I was bored from playing games inside the house I decided to grab my camera and head out to the Pennybacker bridge to take some pictures.

This was the day after Christmas and it was hazy and cold, so unfortunately there are no blue skies or pretty clouds in this picture.

penny becker bridge

Out of all the pictures I took, this was the one I was most happy with, it didn’t require much messing with besides dehazing it a bit.

I also liked how the trail to get up there was all beat up (and slippery).

beaten tral - North Austin

After my trip to the bridge, I went to Mt Bonnell (lol, highest point in Austin) just to check out the area since I’ve never been there before. And to commemorate the moment, I took this picture of downtown Austin in the horizon 😛 (damn you weather).


Jokes aside, I’ll have to revisit the bridge and Mt Bonnell again once the weather clears up.


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