Goodbye Toys-R-Us


Saw a tweet from Toy R Us that they are closing their doors in 5 days.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.28.04 AM

So I decided to pay a visit to the first Toys R Us I visited as a kid (back in the 90’s). And there were about 5 shelves still with stuff with the rest of the store full of bare shelves, cabinets and dollies with sales tags on them.

There were also signs (I didn’t take a picture of them) saying that they no longer accepted cash or checks and that they were only accepting cards.



Kinda bummed out that they went out of business, but due to how they were operating these past years and having their prices slightly higher than then Wal-Mart or Target didn’t help them stay afloat (plus all the dept they had accumulated).

For me, the only thing I was buying from them in the last couple of years were GreenLight and Majorette die-cast cars since they were the only store locally that sold them and the occasional Lego set if I couldn’t find it elsewhere locally.


These last 2 images are from another store in Austin, TX that was pretty much in identical state as the first one, but this store was considerably bigger since it was one of the Toy R Us / Baby R Us stores.

To end this post, here are 2 videos I enjoyed watching about the bankruptcy of Toy R Us, and I hope you enjoy too.

(p.s. My Toys R Us never stocked up on the 50th anniversary Hot Wheels set before announcing their bankruptcy 😥 )

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