Japan Trip: Kyoto pt 1

Woke up this morning at 4:30 am so I can head to Tokyo Station from Ikebukuro so I could take the Shinkansen towards Kyoto.

It’s so empty at this hour.
Ikebukuro to Tokyo
Waiting for the Shinkansen to open.
My ride to Kyoto.
Slow mo video I took.

Once I arrived, I visited Kyoto Tower, with a 320 ft (100 m) observation deck, pretty nice view of Kyoto from there.

Kyoto Tower.
View of the Higashihonganji Temple
The guy in front of me was holding the guard rail as if his life depended on it when he looked down.

I also went to the KyoAni studio and store (btw, it was full of Free! anime merchandise, almost nothing for K-On! and Hibike, so that was a disappointment).

KyoAni store.
Same studio.

Will post more later today or tomorrow with the other stuff I did in Kyoto.

Thanks for looking!!

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