Cessna O-2 Skymaster

Cessna O-2A Skymaster aka “Oscar Deuce”, this is such a quirky plane and one of the few aircraft to use the push-pull configuration.
I saw this plane during the Bluebonnet Airshow at Burnet Municipal Airport in March 2023. It flew around the airport for a bit and even demonstrated a “grenade drop”, with an explosion provided by some pyrotechnics in the background.

This particular frame had quite the life (frame history taken from
Delivered to USAF as 67-21383, 1967.
Assigned to NKP, Thailand, 1967-1971.
Tranferred to Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, 1971-1974.
Transferred to Michigan ANG, Battle Creek, MI, 1974-1980.
Retired and stored, 1980-1996.
Unknown Owner, 1996-2001.
Restored to airworthy, Karen Adams Brinkley, San Antonio, TX, 2001-2005.

Registration Number: N1166B
Serial Number: 67-21383


Planes Landing In Foggy Conditions

I had to drop of a family member somewhere around the airport one foggy morning, I decided to stop by the viewing area of KAUS for a bit before coming in to work.

Only three planes landed in the short time I was there, I would’ve liked to stay longer but I was running late for work (oops).

Southwest Boeing 737 MAX 8
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8, N8745K.
American Airlines Embraer E175LR
American Airlines Embraer E175LR, N271NN.
Gulfstream G280
Gulfstream G280, N459BN.

Battleship Texas

Back in August, it was announced that the Battleship Texas (Hull BB35) was going to be moved from San Jacinto Battleground in La Porte TX to a dry dock in Galveston TX.

Battleship Texas BB-35

Once I heard the news, of course I had to take a day off work a drive all the way there to see her move. Had to wake up at 4AM trying to make it in time to see her go under the Fred Harman Bridge, but unfortunately she was going under the bridge while I was barely arriving into Houston.

Battleship Texas BB-35

Even though I had missed her going under the bridge, I had more than enough time to setup at Sea Wolf Park in Galveston to see her go by.

Battleship Texas BB-35
BB35 with a tug on her starboard.

She was being towed by several tug boats and the whole journey took about 10 hrs from San Jacinto to the dry dock. I did get a pretty bad sunburn while waiting at the pier at Sea Wolf Park.

Battleship Texas BB-35
BB35 bow. You can see one of the ropes used to tow her.

Battleship Texas BB-35
Texas with USS Tautog (SSN-639) Sail in the foreground.

The Battleship Texas Foundation post regular updates on their website and YouTube page. There is no news regarding where she is going to be moved once dry dock work is done, I’m really hoping it stays in Houston but moving her next to USS Lexington in Corpus Christi wouldn’t be a bad idea either. (A family member jokingly said that they should move her to Lady Bird Lake in Austin lol).


Garner State Park

These were taken last year during a camping trip to Garner State Park in Uvalde County TX.

Old Baldy
Old Baldy, the view from up there is pretty good, especially during fall when I went there.

Pedal Boats
Frio River pedal boats. I believe they rent these out during the spring/summer season.

Night Sky
I really messed up this picture, and I wasn’t able to remove the purple rings. I still have no idea what caused them in the first place.


Austin Bergstrom Intl Airport Plane Spotting

Earlier this month I went to the airport to pickup a family member and do a bit of plane spotting. This time I went to the Blue parking garage, the view there was pretty good but the distance between where I was and runway 18R was still a bit much for my 70-200.

Will have to give this place a shot again once I get a longer lens (I’m looking at you Tamron 150-500).

Airbus A319 & Airbus A320
American Airlines Airbus A319 Landing (N9002U) and a American Airlines Airbus A320 (N604AW) before taking off.
Downtown Austin can be seen in the background.
Airbus A319 shortly before touchdown
American Airlines Airbus A319 (N9002U) shortly before touchdown.
Downtown Austin can be seen in the background.
American Airlines Embraer E175LR
American Airlines Embraer E175LR (N237NN) taxing towards the runway.
AFD Testing Equipment on a Boeing 727.
AFD Testing Equipment on a Boeing 727, looks like this used to belong to FedEx.
Boeing 737 & Embraer E175.
Southwest B737 (N428WN) landing and a American Airlines Embraer E175 (N237NN) taxing towards the runway.
Downtown Austin can be seen in the background.
Amazon Air Boeing 767
Amazon Air Boeing 767 (N389AZ) shortly before touchdown.
State Capitol can be seen in the background.
Amazon Air Boeing 767 touchdown
Amazon Air Boeing 767 (N389AZ) touchdown.
Amazon Air Boeing 767
Amazon Air Boeing 767 (N389AZ) taxing towards cargo facilities at ABIA.
Amazon Air Boeing 767
Another angle of the Amazon Air Boeing 767 (N389AZ) taxing towards cargo facilities at ABIA.
Boeing 737 touchdown
Southwest Airlines B737 (8684F) touchdown.

Thanks for making it down this far, I need to get back into photography and posting here but this past year I just haven’t been feeling that motivated to do so, lots of things happening which did not help.